Do you have a story running your life, robbing you of happiness and joy, causing you stress, unhappiness, irritability, or resentment?

Don't know what to do about the feud with your neighbor? 
Are your sleeping or eating patterns off-kilter?
Do you feel like you are ineffective in your job?


These are all indications that you may have a story running your life.


What if you could change that story and it changed your life?


We all have a story from time-to-time.


Maybe you haven't resolved difficult situations...
Difficulties happen in our lives and we go on as if nothing happened, but the residue remains.


It affects us and gets in the way of everything we do in our personal and our business lives.
It leads to feelings such as self-doubt, insecurity, stress, unhappiness, and resentment.
There is unexplained anger and the feeling of being "stuck" in our business and/or personal life.
It affects our ability to be effective and heart-based leaders at work.

Does this sound familiar???


I had a story. I was in a prison in my mind, in my heart...


Underneath my false bravado I was incredibly unhappy and sad...
Then I discovered how to change it around to peace, happiness, and joy.


Since my discovery, I have been guiding others in what I learned, so they, too, can experience peace, happiness, and joy, as well as freedom and empowerment.


Because I know that having support during this process is crucial for success,

I have developed two programs.
From them, you can learn a way to get beyond all the stories, the doubts, the critical voices, and the wounded self-esteem.
I want to share with you what I have learned so you can do just that!


The two programs are:

Change Your Story, Change Your Life and 

Change Your Story, Change Your Life Toe Tester.


Let's take a look at these programs.
We'll start with

Change Your Story, Change Your Life.

From this program, you gain…

* More confidence and self-esteem;
* The beginning of freedom from resentment;
* More harmonious relationships with others and yourself;
* The grace to consider forgiveness as a way to change your story;
* The knowledge and skills needed to change your story and change your life.  


What it is...

* A series of six (6)recorded calls, or modules, sent weekly by email;
* Six (6) Guide Books, one for each class, which will be emailed weekly;
* Two (2) live, on-going monthly support/coaching calls where you can get coached by me in a group setting.


The investment for Change Your Story, Change Your Life is $497.


To purchase this life-changing program,

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You will receive the first module and Guide Book #1 right away.

What people who took this course are saying about it...

CJ's work helped to give me back my father 20 years after his death. Her work, her background, her structure, and her mesmerizing manner allowed me to feel safe.

Cynthia, California

For me, it has been a life-altering journey and learning experience. CJ taught me about forgiveness of others and myself and opened my eyes and my heart to parts that I had firmly locked away. She has a warm and wonderful way of enlightening us to changes we have avoided. 

Lynn, Florida

Carolyn has a loving soul and heart.  Working with her was a joy. She listened and guided me to help me see myself as deserving and she offered wonderful, easy to use tools to assist me to find gratitude, compassion and forgiveness for myself and others each and every day.

Kathy , Oregon

The experiences of freedom, joy, peace, and grace on my journey to forgiveness are the things I want to convey to those of you considering CJ's coaching program. You will experience these things and they don't stop when you hang up the phone or the program ends. They're long-lasting. 

Kari, California

This program will change... your... life.

 Its value is priceless and your investment is $497.


I'd like to share my story so you can see how the method I teach in the program

was able to change my own life.


I spent 35 of my 45 adult years very angry and very bitter over my childhood. I drank and did drugs during that time to numb my feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, shame and hopelessness. All it did, however, was fuel the fire of my resentment.

Finally, I crashed and burned with my substance abuse and hit rock-bottom. One thing led to another and I found myself seeking sobriety. Four years into it, I discovered a way to forgive my parents by applying a series of practices.

My anger, bitterness, and resentment just melted away! I can't tell you how freeing and peaceful that place of forgiveness was! I can tell you it changed my life one-hundred-and-eighty degrees!


Because forgiveness so drastically changed my life for the positive, I now lead others through the method I discovered as a way to forgiveness, so that they... you... can experience more peace, happiness, and joy... more freedom and empowerment.


  To register for 

Change Your Story, Change Your Life,

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After you sign up, you will receive the first module and Guide Book #1 right away.


If Change Your Story, Change Your Life is not right for you at this time,

consider testing the waters of my program by dipping a toe in the water with my

 Change Your Story, Change Your Life Toe Tester program.


The Toe Tester allows you to get acquainted with my style, the support available, and it allows you to see if you want to continue forward to the larger program, Change Your Story, Change Your Life. 


From the Toe Tester, you gain:


* More confidence and self-esteem;
* An understanding of your story and a way to get beyond it;
* Knowledge of how to tap into the power of willingness, surrender, and gratitude;
* The ability to change parts of your story, which will begin to change your life.

What it is...


* Two (2) pre-recorded calls, or modules;
* Two (2) Guide Books that accompany the modules; and
* One (1) live coaching call every month during which you can be coached by me in a group setting.


The investment for the Toe Tester is $97.

If you elect to upgrade to the full $497 course, the $97 applies to the enrollment fee for the full course.


To register for the

Change Your Story, Change Your Life Toe Tester program, 

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After you sign up, you will receive the first module and Guide Book #1 right away.



It is my deepest desire to guide you to the empowering place of
peace and freedom, happiness and joy.
May you experience these things as you journey.